Course Category: Business English

  • Oxford English Branch Test

    1 Lessonin

    Complete the Oxford Mode Branch Test and/or one of our courses and get your Oxford Mode certificate! Stand out from the crowd, certify your skills and advance in your career.

  • English for Production Work

    Warehouses are one of the most hazardous places to work in as they contain moving machinery carrying heavy loads. Many activities occur in a warehouse, causing possible risks that could affect the staff and goods in a warehouse. As a warehouse manager or employee, you must know these risks and how to mitigate them. This course provides all the knowledge you need to understand possible hazards and how to prevent them during your work at a warehouse.

  • English for Customer Services

    You will learn how to measure service standards as well as the various personal skills required in order to deliver excellent customer service and resolve customer queries. Ensure that you exceed a high-level of customer experience with this online English for Customer Services course.

  • English for Food and Beverage Services

    You will be introduced to the functions, operations, and organisation of the food and beverage department in the hospitality industry. This course also provides information on service principles, menu design and objectives, and restaurant layout and design considerations. You will also look into the organisation and key duties of restaurant staff.

  • English for Tourism – Hotel Reception

    The hotel industry is one of the biggest in the world, employing tens of millions of people globally. This online course will teach you the essential English language skills required to work at a hotel, starting from how to answer general hotel inquiries to outlining a hotel’s check-in and check-out procedures.