English for Customer Services

Learn about the role customer service plays and how it is vital to a business’s success in this online course.

We often hear that “The customer is king” and this English for Customer Services online course covers the concept of customer service in-depth. You will learn how to measure service standards as well as the various personal skills required in order to deliver excellent customer service and resolve customer queries. Ensure that you exceed a high-level of customer experience with this online English for Customer Services course.

What You Will Learn In This Course

  • Explain the principles of customer service within an organisation
  • Outline the British standard Code of Practice for customer service
  • Identify the difference between consumer and customer
  • Explain the role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Analyze the behavioral development in customers
  • Discuss how to manage timely responses and to manage the stress of pressure and negativity
  • State the importance of teamwork in providing effective customer service
  • Discuss how to resolve customer queries
  • Describe how auditing requirements will impact customers’ data management and the value-add of compliance departments
  • Discuss the legislation relating to customer service, money laundering and where to turn for advice and guidance
  • Recall how social media campaign data is utilised

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